On The Issues

Exploding Deficit

When our Congress rips holes in our public safety net while at the same time cutting taxes for the very wealthiest among us, when our President “stays the course” in a war that is draining billions from our Treasury, and worries more about pleasing crooked lobbyists than people at home — the result is an huge deficit and a nation of people living on the edge. Shame on those, like Mary Bono, whose votes have consistently and heartlessly made life more difficult for America’s working families. We deserve better. David Roth will be part of the effort to restore the balanced budget the Bush administration inherited. David does not support needless earmarks, tax cuts only for the wealthy, and cutting social programs that truly make our nation and our people safe and strong.

Culture of Corruption

From the appointment of inept cronies to high office, to the monies doled out by Jack Abramoff, too many of our elected officials and their lobbyists have used Washington as their own personal piggy bank while forgetting that they work for the people. We deserve better. David Roth is a man of integrity, energy, and intelligence…and he understands what a Congressperson is supposed to spend their time doing in Washington.


David Roth has met with individuals all across this district and everyone agrees that our first priority is the safety of our citizens and securing our borders. We also must enforce existing Federal laws to stop illegal hiring practices. David does not support blanket amnesty nor does he support the so-called “temporary guest worker program” as supported by the incumbent and other current lawmakers. The current discussion of a “temporary guest worker program” is problematic for several reasons, one being that the policy would result in creating a permanent underclass of foreign workers when we should be focusing placing our own unemployed citizens in those jobs first. It is the responsibility of Congress and the Federal Government to secure our borders and craft immigration reform based on the economic needs of our country. Despite the impact felt in the 45th District, Mary Bono can’t seem to decide what it is she supports or opposes and hasn’t proposed any realistic solutions of her own. We deserve better. David Roth will actually work on this issue – unlike Bono who blindly signs her name to whatever legislation she is told to sponsor by her party and her President.
Energy Independence

We can achieve energy independence…but Republicans are playing catch-up on this issue while Vice President Cheney holds secret meetings on US energy policy. We deserve better. We need leaders who have been worrying about and working on this issue for years and are willing to support the development of environmentally friendly sources of energy so that we are no longer beholden to oil companies and the uncertain Middle East. David Roth will work to turn the 45th District into the Silicon Valley of renewable and affordable energy.


Veterans deserve a representative who will strengthen veteran’s benefits – not vote to reduce them. To send our soldiers into battle while reducing their benefits at home is shameful. We deserve better. David Roth will not stand in front of veterans only to make political speeches, but will vote on their side when it comes to providing the armor they need in Iraq or the benefits promised when they come home.


Since extreme Republicans took control of the White House and Congress, the number of Americans without health insurance has continued to rise. America is the richest country in the world yet almost 16% of our fellow citizens have no healthcare at all. This is shameful. We deserve better. No one should have to choose between taking a child to a doctor or paying the rent. David Roth is committed to making sure every single American has access to affordable, effective health care coverage.

Family Values

Under the extreme agenda of the incumbent and her allies, “family values” has been turned into a mean and divisive political tool to divide Americans. We deserve better. David Roth has committed to avoiding talk about which candidate actually has real “family values”. Instead, David will focus on our similarities not our differences and being a strong advocate for policy that actually makes life better for families in the ways we need it most…healthcare, social security, tax reform, education, affordable housing, out sourcing jobs vs. employment opportunities and public safety.


As the 45th District has grown, our educational system has not kept pace. Do you know what Mary Bono has done on this issue? No? Neither do we. We deserve better. David Roth is a proven advocate for education. Even while campaigning, David Roth is working to improve educational opportunities. David will be a strong advocate in Washington for making much needed improvements to the No Child Left Behind Act that is leaving behind children everyday and work to bring a four year residential college here to the District for the very first time.

War on Terror & Iraq

America has lost focus on the war against terror. It has been five years since being attacked on our own soil and we are not much safer. Instead of catching Osama bin Laden and focusing on combating al-Qaeda worldwide, we are dangerously close to being mired in an Iraqi civil war, roughly 1% of cargo coming into the US is inspected, our borders and fresh water supplies are not secure enough, and hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent, wasted, or just plain lost in Iraq. Where is Bono’s voice on these issues? Don’t know? Neither do we. We deserve better. David Roth supports our troops abroad and policies and diplomacy that will protect us here at home.

Civil Liberties

My solid stand on issues related to our civil liberties comes from a strong bias in favor of personal privacy and against government intrusion into those most basic areas of a person’s life. Our short time on earth should not be spent trying to “re-arrange” other people’s personal lives. I firmly believe that it is not the role of government to decide what our families should be; what they should look like. My philosophy on protecting all our personal freedoms is an overarching framework for me. For example, Republican conservatives have been wasting valuable time and energy to introduce a bill to amend the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Another political maneuver designed to win back all the far-right conservatives who have become disenchanted with Bush and his policies. You should know that when I meet with conservative ordinary folk, they do not ask about same-sex marriage; they ask about our burgeoning deficit. They do not ask why I oppose any discrimination against the GLBT community and military service; they ask about the carnage in Iraq. They do not ask why I support gay adoptions; they ask about corruption in Washington.

I urge you to acquaint yourself with Bono’s stand on all GLBT issues and you will learn that she has never gone out of her way to lobby on behalf of the GLBT community in Washington — even if she wanted to she couldn’t because her party would never listen to her. Ask her if she supports gay marriage. Ask her why she voted in favor of the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act?” Does she support GLBT adoption? Does she support ending discrimination by the military? Would she vote to continue to allow religious discrimination against the GLBT community? Then ask her if she would say publicly to her conservative cronies in Washington what she would say to the GBLT here at home. If Bono were willing to seek out the thoughts and ideas of her constituency, she would learn that ordinary folk do not appear to be as interested in “re-arranging private lives” as she and her cronies are. We deserve better. David Roth believes in and will vote to protect our personal freedoms.