What People Are Saying

Finding Our Way Again

Thank you for your strong and articulate voice…I believe that you will be entering history in November, to help us find our country again.

Suzanne Mastroianni

We Don’t Need Followers…We Need Leaders

Mary Bono is not a leader. She never has been. She never will be. She is a follower.

Congressman Barney Frank

Above All, Roth is a Gentleman

It is my pleasure, privilege, and honor to be a part of this dynamic campaign. I will be forever proud to say that I had a little part of sending the finest gentleman to Washington in the histroy of the district.

Ruthie Goldkorn
Campaign Volunteer, Moreno Valley

A Powerful Advocate for Women

We are proud to support David Roth’s campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives. Business and Professional Women/USA recognizes his committment to issues affecting workingwomen, including economic equity, health care and civil rights. He has demonstrated his support for these issues throughout his career, and we are confident that when he is elected to the U.S. Congress workingwomen from California and across the nation will have a powerful advocate in David Roth.

Deborah Frett, CEO
Buisness and Professional Women/USA

David Doesn’t Owe Anything to Lobbyists

David Roth is a smart and experienced leader who has the right priorities. He cares about helping our families, about fighting crime and supporting our police. He is running against an incumbent who puts her political party’s extreme agenda ahead of her constituents…the people of California’s 45th Congressional District should send to Washington a Member of Congress who puts children ahead of the extreme gun lobby.

Sarah Brady, Honarary Chair
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

The Best Person for the Job

I would like to thank you for your endless contributions to the people and could not think of a more worthy person than yourself to represent your district.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

David Roth Gets My Vote

Impressive background, absolutely ethical.

Peggy Kissack, Hemet CA

Great Leader, Great Thinker

We need people in Congress like David. And we certainly need David to replace Mary Bono and represent the 45th Congressional District.

Janice Humbert

We Need Leaders Not Followers

We are truly honored and privileged to be a part of this campaign for change. We need democracy, not hypocrisy. We need leaders, not followers. We need righteousness and compassion for all residents of this great country of ours. Respectfully,

Sharon & Larry Salas, Former Mayor,
City of Coachella

Great American Values

A breath of fresh air!

Hazelle Gonter

Conditions Right for an Upset Victory

“…there is no doubt that David Roth, D-La Quinta, can beat incumbent Republican Rep. Mary Bono in November. The necessary conditions for an upset victory by David Roth are there…”

Dr. Fernando Guerra

David Will Work Hard for All of Us

David is a tireless education leader in California and is probably one of the most exuberant you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. His ability to motivate a group of people to action is second to none.

21st Century Democrats

David’s Grasp of the Issues…


Gregg Figgins

I Won in the 45th…So Can David

All roads lead back to David Roth.

Barbara Boxer, Senator (CA)

I believe you can win!

I have the distinct pleasure to announce my support and endorsement of you, David…I am proud to join a growing list of my colleagues who have also endorsed and are supporting you. I believe you can win! …I strongly support your efforts to unseat the Republican opponent, Mary Bono who has proven through her record she is no friend of the working families you and I support.

Joe Baca, Congressman (CA)

A Representative for All the People

David Roth brings an intelligent, progressive vision to the 45th. He will truly be a representative of all the people in the district

George Zander, President
Stonewall Democrats, Palm Springs CA

A Call For Genuine Representation

Your history of public service has much impressed me, while the incumbent is there because she just happened to be married to a celebrity who died tragically. While the incumbant is generally considered a benign, moderate Republican, I have watched her voting record over the years and it disgusts me…especially since she makes so many appearances at events for liberal causes posing as their champion.

Richard Alexei
Body In Balance, Palm Springs CA

He is Qualified

David is qualified for the job and Mary Bono is not.

Betty June Marsh

David Roth is…

Intelligent, articulate, totally honest.

T.J. Sondrini, Hemet CA

Listen to David!

We should all listen to David – he has something important to say.

Chuck Hodges, Coachella CA

God Bless America

I believe a change is coming – God bless America and Mr. Roth.

Dennis L. Beachnaw, Palm Springs CA

Someone to Believe In

I had given up on politicians, until I met David.

Marshall Smith, Idyllwild CA

A Leader That Cares

We need leaders that truly care.

Tracy Turner, Palm Springs CA